Quad-Max Premium Quad Steer Carts
Quad-Max Cart

manufactured by Nex Solutions


Quad-Max carts are designed with a unique totally enclosed steering system that eliminates the traditional cross-link and straight axle design under the deck. Quad-Max wheels pivot from all four corners versus pivoting from the centerline on traditional straight axle quad-steer carts.

Quad-Max Premium Cart


  • The wider steering points lower the center of gravity. This results in safer turning at higher speeds. Unbalanced loads will also make higher speed turns safely.

  • The Quad-Max steering system allows a train of carts to turn at a tighter radius than traditional quad-steer carts and stay in line with minimal tracking degradation.

  • Turning from all four corners versus the centerline reduces resistance making it easier to move heavy loads by hand. Traditional straight axle and cross link carts are more susceptible to resistance from load shift and cross link compression.

  • The totally enclosed steering system eliminates the cross-link under the deck and reduces the risk of damage during operation over uneven surfaces or when debris is present.

  • Eliminating the cross-link lowers the minimum deck height and provides flexibility in deck design. Lower deck heights are advantageous when the overall height of loads is a concern.

  • Flexible deck designs can be configured in a C shape which provides a more ergonomic "walk in" racking systems to be built on top of the deck.

Quad Step

Comparison between typical quadsteer carts and the QUAD-MAX:

Typical Quadsteer Cart QUAD-MAX
Axels limit turning radius Much tighter turning radius
In tight turns, loss of stability No stability issues at any turning radius
Relatively light payload Payload limited only by the wheel rated capacity, regardless of moving speed in turns.
Due to axels, limit to minimum length and the maximum width of the cart No limitation to any practical footprint of the cart
Hard to hand steer under the load Eight wheels allow for easy steering
Load must be centered, for safety/stability issues No constraints on the load distribution across the deck
Height issues Low profile (Wheel dia + 4")
Speed limit in corners No speed limit in corners
Costly to produce Economical in production

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